Erik Hemmes \ Retail Advies is a consulting service for fast moving retail goods. We know all about stores, sales, marketing, product positioning, innovation and motivation. Furthermore, we understand the psyche of the consumer. Through our knowledge andexperience, we have a profound insight in the formulas and categories of the retail business.

We specialize in supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores, liquor stores and “do-it-yourself” chains; in fact, in any store where fast moving consumer goods are sold.

Our activities consist of:

• Category management studies
• Retail store training programs
• Presentations on new retail developments
• Retailadvicegroup
• Retail in photo service

We work with both manufacturers and retail organizations and have a proven track record in increasing the sales/square meter ratio. This increases the profitability of your outlet/store.

The strength of our activities lies in our practical and store-oriented thinking. We know the “floor” inside out, and from back to front.

Category management studies
Our starting point: We think as the retailer does, and understand what motivates the consumer into buying.

We ask: How is the formula built up? How are the different categories positioned?

We then analyze specific categories, and how these can perform better in terms of turnover and margin.

After determining the starting points of our study, we then focus on the individual products.
Not only do we deliver a clearly written report, but we can also present it, if desired, with our client to the retail organization.

For retail organizations we act as project leader for category management studies, in cooperation with manufacturers if desired.

Retail/store training programs
Our retail/store training programs are strongly focused on facts & figures and are result oriented. Using a ‘helicopter’ overview we demonstrate the differences between store formulas and categories. We then focus on the characteristics of your own operation.

We discuss the systems of retail organizations, followed up by site visits to a number of stores to illustrate various points of our discussion.

Our enthusiasm for the retail industry guarantees you a highly beneficial experience.

We offer training at all commercial levels because it comprises a new, results oriented way of thinking, which is important at levels, from management to marketing to sales.

And at the retail level, we offer programs at all levels, ranging from formula managers, category managers, buyers to district managers.

We offer presentations at conventions, meetings and one-on-one discussions on all aspects of retail formula developments.
We perform studies on an on-going basis, so that we can present you with new elements and insights.

The retailadvicegroup is focussed on informing manufacturers about supermarketsdevelopments national and international, as well the developments in their categories.

Retail in photo service
Aimed at management who wants to be informed independantly/inspired. Each week you receive pictures of products / categories / activities / competitor / examples for ideas, including comments of Erik Hemmes.
Independant information to be used internally and externally in discussion with retailers.